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Lama Temple day

Today Kiah, our friend Pooja and I went to lunch near the Lama Temple and then we spent the afternoon walking around the Temple. Pooja and Ankit are visiting this week from Seattle. Mark and Ankit work together at Amazon and are good friends. Pooja is Ankit’s fiance’ and we met her about 2 yrs … Continue reading »

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Hot Pot Heaven

One of my favorite things to eat in Taiwan was Hot Pot. When I got back from Taiwan the first time I was disappointed that there were no Hot Pot places in Logan,Utah. After Mark and I went to Taiwan we learned how to make it ourselves and even found the dipping sauce that they … Continue reading »

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Sometimes a little comfort food is all you need

Some friends that are visiting from the states brought Miles a bunch of Annie’s Mac N’ cheese(his favorite brand). When he got home from school today he wanted me to make a box up. He had his friend Cole over and they were hungry, as usual. I think they brought about 8 boxes and three … Continue reading »

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Carnival of the Animals

The elementary school at Beijing City International School (BCIS) had a show on Friday called the Carnival of the Animals. Each grade dressed in costume as different animals and preformed a song or a dance.  The costumes were very elaborate and I am sure were all hand sewn somewhere here in Beijing.  There was everything … Continue reading »

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Scene’s around Gong Yuan Da Dao (Park Avenue)

Kiah and I went to a little Cafe in our apartment complex yesterday and had lunch. I took photo’s but they didn’t work out, too blurry. We did get some shots though around our apartment and I thought I’d share them with you. We ate at Jamaica-blue, which serves salads, sandwiches, soups, treats and coffee. … Continue reading »

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Where I live Part 2

I thought I’d start off with what we see and experience in our daily life here in Beijing. Mark took this photo yesterday morning. It took them 25 minutes to get from where he took the photo from to the overpass you see ahead. Notice the blue sky though? The day before this was taken … Continue reading »

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Chinese Drivers License

Getting your Driver’s License in China for a foreigner is a three step process : Get your eye exam at an approved hospital Visit License Bureau to pay fee and schedule time for test Take the written driving exam I had the help of the local company (Asian Tigers) as part of my settling into … Continue reading »

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Becoming Familiar

With most new situations in life you have two basic ways you can react : you can cope or go crazy. Accept and embrace or reject and hate. Find the adventure or only complain. The old adage of “attitude determines your altitude” holds true. But it’s not called culture shock for no reason. Reacting to … Continue reading »

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Where I live part 1

This might be a boring post to some but there are few of you that I know will enjoy the simplicity of it (I hope). I thought I would post photo’s of our apartment and where we live. I know that Mark has done a video of our place but I thought I’d do some … Continue reading »

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Guilin and Yangshuo

When you visualize the iconic images of China what do you think of? In the top 4 have to be Mao Zedong, The Forbidden City, The Great Wall and finally Guilin with its fantastic karst mountain topography. There is a common saying in Chinese : 桂林山水甲天下 : Gulin’s scenery is the most beautiful under heaven. … Continue reading »

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