Driving in China vs. Driving in USA

As we get ready to repatriate to the US I’ve been keeping track of the things that are different between driving in the US and China. These are also a list of things I have learned about how to drive in China.  This is my perception based on driving in China for the past 14 … Continue reading »

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Driving to Datong

I love road trips. Stac and I have been loading up the car and driving a 1000 miles on a weekend since the first days of our marriage when we were at school in Utah and we traipse through southern Utah and northern Arizona. We saw Monument Valley in our 4 door Toyota Corolla that … Continue reading »

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Where I live Part 2

I thought I’d start off with what we see and experience in our daily life here in Beijing. Mark took this photo yesterday morning. It took them 25 minutes to get from where he took the photo from to the overpass you see ahead. Notice the blue sky though? The day before this was taken … Continue reading »

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Chinese Drivers License

Getting your Driver’s License in China for a foreigner is a three step process : Get your eye exam at an approved hospital Visit License Bureau to pay fee and schedule time for test Take the written driving exam I had the help of the local company (Asian Tigers) as part of my settling into … Continue reading »

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