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Shopping Hell

Relocating yourself halfway around the world with a limited amount of space to bring your lives along and attempting to settle into an unfurnished furnished apartment means that you need to buy a crap load of stuff. As we left Issaquah, divesting ourselves of all our worldly possessions (car, house, etc) and packed away the … Continue reading »

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2 preteens shopping at Yashow

The last two days the kids have been off school for teacher improvement. Yesterday Sofi had made plans with her new friend Malika who is from Berlin and has lived here for a year. Malika also lives at Park Avenue(where we will soon be moving to). Unbeknownst to me, they had made plans to go … Continue reading »

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Beijing go Boom

We arrived in Beijing in the middle of Chinese New Year. We missed the biggest fireworks day when New Years kicked off, but there was a huge day Sunday night when fireworks just exploded everywhere. The sheer number of fireworks going off is overwhelming in addition to how long they go on and on and … Continue reading »

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Relocating – Part 3

Well we have keys to our new apartment; Our apartment is largely empty. Here’s what’s happened since my last blog. Friday Night we visited SanLiTun, this is where the foreign embassies were relocated in 1949 when the new government wanted them out of the inner imperial city. Since that time there are many western bars, … Continue reading »

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Let’s Ride

It’s a blessing having a driver and translator for the beginning of our stay here. Our translator Robert doesn’t come with us anymore but if we need him to tell our driver(Mr.Wang) something we text him and he lets Mr. Wang know. When we text Robert and ask if he can let Mr. Wang know … Continue reading »

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Relocating – The First Few Days – Part 2

Day Three – Wednesday I woke up around 4:30 am; jetlag sucks.  It was Sofi’s first day of school.  We met Driver Wang downstairs and I accompanied her to school.  We got there 40 minutes too early and waited in the lobby.  Some paper work to fill out for her bus and I met her … Continue reading »

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Do you know where your gallbladder is?

I’ve never been asked before where my gallbladder is but today I was. There are a number of (and I think silly) medical tests to be done in order to get a work visa in China. Because I am the spouse of someone working in China I had to have the same tests done as … Continue reading »

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Relocating – The First Few Days – Part 1

Departure Day – Saturday Since I have jet lag and I am up at 4 am I thought I’d jot down a few notes on the transition and how things have gone since we arrived.  We were originally supposed to leave San Francisco (after Disneyland) on Friday, but Stac and Miles both had a bad … Continue reading »

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It’s like Stadium of Fire minus the Osmonds

We arrived in Beijing Sunday night(the 6th). That flight is bearable until about hr 7 and then you realize you still have over 5 hrs until Beijing and then some claustrophobia can start to settle in, for me at least. That’s when I pop a pill that my lovely doc back in the states gave … Continue reading »

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