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Best of March 2012

Here is another collection of the best of for the Month of March. Click through on any photo for more details and information. I was lucky enough to make it to the Great Wall three weekends in March, the most special part was when a late spring snow storm dumped on JianKou and I was … Continue reading »

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Michelle Obama and Doris Day

I’ve always hated my freckles, which come out like crazy in the summer. I would put way too much foundation on my face as a teenager to cover them up. My parents would tell me all the time how beautiful they are. My mom would tell me about how when they filmed Doris Day (which … Continue reading »

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Jiankou in Snow

Those trapped in the languid places of no seasons can’t understand the way a winter will change a place; or the way spring will bring new hope; summer will bring sun and Autumn the golden end of a season.  I was saddened when Beijing had a few warm days in February that I’d missed my … Continue reading »

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Best of Jan & Feb 2012

January and February were busy months, we barely returned from the holidays and Kiah’s wedding when it was time for Chinese New Year, we headed off to Myanmar and upon return I headed to the States for work.  So this post is a big one as there were lot of amazing photographic opportunities.  You can … Continue reading »

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