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6 Months In

At 6 months in China and upon our return to the US for vacation there is a natural juxtaposition to pause and reflect on our time thus far in Beijing and my impressions. When we left for China I got several comments from people along the lines of : “I’m afraid of China”; this was … Continue reading »

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Hello Friend, can I have my photo taken with you?

Today we went to The Temple of Heaven. I love that place but not on a scorching hot day. Luckily the whole area is covered in trees(except for all the landmark areas which are out in the open and in the hottest areas) and when I say covered in trees, it’s row after row of … Continue reading »

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Kiah has been in Beijing with us for almost 4 months and when she returns to the states with us this month she will be going back to school and not returning to China with us. Lucky for us BYU-I only allows the students to go to two semesters and the University chooses. Some kids … Continue reading »

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