By Stacey

The good, the bad and the ugly

After talking to a close friends daughter last night via FB about our feelings living abroad (she nannies in Paris), it got me thinking. We were talking about our likes vs. dislikes about the cities we live in and also the things we know we are going to miss when we move back to the … Continue reading »

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Michelle Obama and Doris Day

I’ve always hated my freckles, which come out like crazy in the summer. I would put way too much foundation on my face as a teenager to cover them up. My parents would tell me all the time how beautiful they are. My mom would tell me about how when they filmed Doris Day (which … Continue reading »

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Beyond Yangon!

I hadn’t realized until the night before we left for Myanmar how traumatic it had been when I’d dislocated my elbow a little under a year ago in Guilin. I couldn’t sleep the night before and it wasn’t because I was excited. I tossed and turned all night, was sick to my stomach and I … Continue reading »

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2011 Griffith Family Christmas Letter

What a wonderful busy busy year its been for everyone. This news letter recaps the family happenings, mostly written by Mark in the 3rd person. January This year began with us celebrating the New Year in Utah with the Zollingers. After the long drive back to Issaquah we frantically began cleaning out the house and … Continue reading »

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The small picture vs. the big picture

People are always saying you should step back and look at the big picture, there are quotes on it, websites that list the 5 best ways to look at the big picture and so forth. Here in China, I’ve learned that I can’t look at the big picture but I have to step back and … Continue reading »

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letting go

For those that don’t know I am in the US visiting my parents and especially my dad who is passing away. I’m headed back to China in two days and the two weeks I’ve been here have flown by. I say goodbye to my parents tomorrow(saturday) and I’m not looking forward to it. This week … Continue reading »

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Hello Friend, can I have my photo taken with you?

Today we went to The Temple of Heaven. I love that place but not on a scorching hot day. Luckily the whole area is covered in trees(except for all the landmark areas which are out in the open and in the hottest areas) and when I say covered in trees, it’s row after row of … Continue reading »

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Kiah has been in Beijing with us for almost 4 months and when she returns to the states with us this month she will be going back to school and not returning to China with us. Lucky for us BYU-I only allows the students to go to two semesters and the University chooses. Some kids … Continue reading »

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Turning a corner, 6 months later

I just had my usual “loud” conversation with my mom on the phone this morning. I say loud because the connection is lousy in our apartment and because she is losing her hearing, two bad combinations make for a very long and comical conversation. I shouldn’t complain though because I really do value the time … Continue reading »

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Kung Fu EA (extra activities)

At BCIS they offer a wide range of classes after school for all ages to choose from. They have art classes,dance,magic,kung fu, acrobatics and many more that the kids can take. There is also an activity bus that will take kids home after their EA (extra activities) class. EA was one thing our kids were … Continue reading »

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