Kung Fu EA (extra activities)

Posted by on May 11, 2011

Kung Fu master At BCIS they offer a wide range of classes after school for all ages to choose from. They have art classes,dance,magic,kung fu, acrobatics and many more that the kids can take. There is also an activity bus that will take kids home after their EA (extra activities) class. EA was one thing our kids were really excited about when we were in the states and reading about BCIS. I think the classes last about two months and each time they are offered the choices are different.

Miles receives his White Belt

Miles chose to take Kung Fu and swimming. Sofia chose acrobatics,rock climbing and yoga. This week a couple of the classes ended for Miles and Sofia and Kiah and I went to see their presentations. Miles received his white belt in Kung Fu and Sofia’s acrobatic class did an acrobatic/dance presentation. I was able to see Miles get his belt and then run over to see the end of Sofi’s presentation. Kiah’s camera wasn’t working, so we weren’t able to get video of Sofia’s class.

Miles was so cute doing his Kung Fu moves and really had a good time learning all about it. Sofia has really enjoyed her classes as well. Miles took just two classes a week and I think that was enough for him. One more would have worn him out. I’m really happy for all that BCIS offers both during school hours and after school. I’m so excited for summer and to be able to do our own activities and have time together exploring the city. I know the kids will look forward to doing EA again next year.

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