Best of March 2012

Posted by on March 31, 2012

Here is another collection of the best of for the Month of March. Click through on any photo for more details and information. I was lucky enough to make it to the Great Wall three weekends in March, the most special part was when a late spring snow storm dumped on JianKou and I was able to get out there for photos of the Wall in Snow. Photos below after the break.























1. – Sofi with her combed out, glasses and sock monkey
Little Miss Monkey

2. – Dry snow hanging off a tree at JianKou Great Wall
Winter Feathers

3. – The Great Wall in snow at JianKou
The Gentle Curve

4. – A tree that stands out on the Wall
Winter Tree

5. – Looking east from my bedroom window in Beijing
To The East

6. – beans@ concentrating at lunch
Hell on Beans

7. – Sofi on a morning before school

8. – Sofi on a day she just wasn’t moving real fast
Some Days Are Rough

9. – A foggy day in Beijing and a moment before work outside my office
The Dude Rides

10. – Dude’s awesome beard at the MuTianYu Wall
A Time in March

11. – A foggy day at the MuTianYu Great Wall
The Wall in Fog

12. – View east from bedroom with snow
And the Streets Shone

13. – View of ChaoYang Park dressed in snow
Snowy Chao Yang

14. – Reid inquisitive at church
Little Boy Blue

15. – View out my work window looking west
On the Otherside

16. – Light out the corridor at a tower on the Great Wall
The Tower Exit

17. – One of the amazing towers at JianKou Great Wall
Tower on the Ridge

18. – Miles at the BCIS Pool
The Swimmer

19. – Sofi at the BCIS Pool
With You All The Way

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