Best of May 2012

Posted by on June 5, 2012

Another group of the best of photos for the Month of May. Time is flying by too quickly. Click through on any photo for more details and information. We had took a long weekend driving trip to Datong, camping at Miles 12th annual Father and Sons campout, a visit to the Great Wall. Photos below after the break.























1. – In the HuTong
In the HuTong

2. – Looking a Camel in the Mouth
Looking a Camel in the Mouth

3. – Yungang Grottoes
Yungang Grottoes

4. – Seeing the Future
Seeing the Future

5. – Transformation

6. – The Morning Man
The Morning Man

7. – Bright Morning Smiles
Bright Morning Smiles

8. – The Daoist Dude
The Daoist Dude

9. – The Four Monks
The Four Monks

10. – Larry

11. – The Way Through
The Way Through

12. – The Boy
The Boy

13. – Carver the Explorer
Carver the Explorer

14. – Street Cleaners Setting Out
Street Cleaners Setting Out

15. – Long Morning Shadows
Long Morning Shadows

16. – Straight Up
Straight Up

17. – Misty Morning
Misty Morning

18. – The Way is Steep
The Way is Steep

19. – Peeking Through
Peeking Through

20. – Beijing’s Back Roads
Beijing's Back Roads

21. – Sunset over Park Avenue
Sunset over Park Avenue

22. – Hanging On
Hanging On

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