Best of April 2012

Posted by on May 3, 2012

Another group of the best of photos for the Month of April. Click through on any photo for more details and information. We had spring break and visited Thailand and was lucky enough to get in another three weekend visits to the Wall. The most special part was catching the Wall in full spring blossoms. Photos below after the break.























1. – Beat from the Heat
Beat from the Heat

2. – Good Morning Railay
Good Morning Railay

3. – Paper Lanterns
Paper Lanterns

4. – Dark Horizon
Dark Horizon

5. – Aqua Marine
Aqua Marine

6. – The Captain
The Captain

7. – For A Time – first photo with new camera
For A Time

8. – Springtime at the Wall
Springtime at the Wall

9. – Golden Ridges
Golden Ridges

10. – Blossoms at JianKou
Blossoms at JianKou

11. – 大包

12. – Spring Kids
Spring Kids

13. – A Son Called Miles
A Son Called Miles

14. – The Curve
The Curve

15. – Passing Time
Passing Time

16. – Her Morning Ritual
Her Morning Ritual

17. – Riding the Streets of Beijing
Riding the Streets of Beijing

18. – Push

19. – Beijing State of Mind
Beijing State of Mind

20. – Beijing State of Mind
Beijing State of Mind

21. – First 11 Seconds

21. – We Would Be Heros
We Would Be Heros

22. – The Girls
The Girls

23. – Golden Wall
Golden Wall

24. – Walking Back
Walking Back

5 Responses to Best of April 2012

  1. Connie Whitmarsh

    More beautiful photos Mark- the colors seem brighter than usual. I love Sophie’s smile in the girls and Miles serious smile with his backpack. Thanks for sharing so many photos of the wall. I never get tired of them.

  2. rhonda

    Loved your pictures! I too have a son named Myles:) Thanks for sharing your world. I thoroughly enjoyed it. P.S. I’m also taking the test. Thanks for the levity!

  3. Pat McEnroe

    Hi Mark, we met briefly last winter chair skating at Houhai. I saw you’ve camped along the Great Wall and hope you could give me some info – really two questions: is there really any need to sign up with a tour group and how strenuous is is for the little ones (our youngest is 10). Thanks in advance for any help!

    • Mark Griffith

      No need to join a group or a tour. You need to go to Jiankou, you can head there via a car you drive yourself or hire. Here is map and I’ve put the spot I like to camp on the map : Let me know if you need more questions about Zhao’s or a place to hire a driver.

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