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Reintegrating The Other Way

Moving back to Seattle and leaving Beijing has been a somewhat smoother experience than coming to Beijing. Mostly because we really haven’t left yet and all the hard stuff is on the other side. Here are the logistics we went through in leaving : Deciding to Return :  this might be obvious but for us … Continue reading »

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To Miss and Not to Miss

For the past 18 months China has become our home, and it’s surreal because many things are now just normal; the way things are. Readjusting to what I remember as familiar back home will be an interesting comparison.  As we prepare to leave China and return to the US I’ve been keeping a list of … Continue reading »

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Relocating to Beijing

This entry is an attempt to write up what its like to relocate to Beijing, at least the getting ready to go part.  The usual caveats apply : if your using this as a baseline for your own experiences, remember this is my experience at a particular given point in time; everything is subject to … Continue reading »

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House Hunting in Beijing

As part of our relocation to Beijing, we got a house hunting trip to find a place to live.  Because Stac was recovering from surgery still, I asked our good friend Shari to come along with us.  Stac and I have known Shari for 20+ years; it was she that first went with Stac to … Continue reading »

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How We Got to Beijing

This is an effort to explain how we ended up deciding to go to Beijing. It’s a story of ambition; a story of pursuit. And how we came to a pause just long enough to consider a way through.  Bear with me and follow the threads. There are certain fundamental assumptions that are perpetuated and … Continue reading »

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Hello world!

In February of 2011, the Griffith Family moves to Beijing China. This blog will be a online journal of our adventures. Subscribe by Email Email: Powered by Feed My Inbox

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