Sometimes a little comfort food is all you need

Posted by on April 26, 2011

Miles favoriteSome friends that are visiting from the states brought Miles a bunch of Annie’s Mac N’ cheese(his favorite brand). When he got home from school today he wanted me to make a box up. He had his friend Cole over and they were hungry, as usual. I think they brought about 8 boxes and three are family size. He’s going to be in heaven.

Boiling waterAnnie’s we’ve found out is not sold in Beijing, or we just haven’t been able to find it yet. I started feeding Miles this brand (it’s better than Kraft and real cheese) when he was little and it’s continued to be the one he wants vs. Kraft. Nothing against Kraft but this tastes so much better. Plus it’s organic and like I said, real cheese. I’m glad he still likes it vs. other stuff in the store and you can buy it anywhere in the states, not just at places like Whole foods or other organic grocery stores.

Eager boysMiles and Cole waited patiently(well as patient as two 7 yr old boys can) at the kitchen table while I fixed the pasta. They got their own bowls and spoons and sat down to wait. Of course they had to be entertained because what young boy can sit still for very long without some kind of electronic device or a toy. They played on my phone and waited.

Beautiful dayWhile I waited with them, I decided to take photo’s out the kitchen window of our view of Chaoyang park, especially today because what started out as a yucky polluted day, turned into a nice cool clean air day. It was a little chilly and the wind was blowing but like I’ve said before, we welcome that. It pushes out the smog. I love this view of the park. I never get tired of it.

Oh happy dayAha, the mac n’ cheese is finished and the boys can eat. In the end Miles gulped his down but Cole ended up not liking it. He said it didn’t taste like his mac n’ cheese. Which made me laugh because this is the same comment I get from Miles about things he tries here in Beijing. The rice at first didn’t taste the same, the dumplings didn’t either. Thank goodness that peanut butter and jam taste the same or he would’ve starved. I love the look on Miles face and Cole’s. Miles looks like he might eat the spoon as well as his pasta and Cole is looking at Miles wondering why Miles likes this pasta because he doesn’t. Kids are funny.

2 Responses to Sometimes a little comfort food is all you need

  1. mbg

    Love the real smile on Miles face!

  2. Stacey Griffith

    He was so excited. A big thanks goes out to friends from the states that filled their suitcase with Annie’s pasta. It’s good to know that someone is always coming over from Seattle and can bring Miles his mac n cheese.

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