Where I live Part 2

Posted by on April 19, 2011

Blue Sky and Beijing Traffic I thought I’d start off with what we see and experience in our daily life here in Beijing. Mark took this photo yesterday morning. It took them 25 minutes to get from where he took the photo from to the overpass you see ahead. Notice the blue sky though? The day before this was taken was Sunday and it was one of the windiest days I’ve experienced here so far. We have to love those days though because it blows all the pollution out of the city and then the next day we have sky like this.

The Sparrow and the OwlMark and Kiah went to Chaoyang Park on Saturday early in the morning for a run. One of the things I love about the Parks here and also about the people (especially the older people) is that they really get out and use the wide open spaces and take full advantage of them. They (the older men and women) also take great care in their health and are out early doing Tai Chi, ping pong, flying kites, walking their dogs (which they were told by the government to do, to get a dog and walk it every day and it will be good for their health), and so much more. While Mark and Kiah were running in the park they stopped to take photo’s of the cute men and women playing ping pong. Mark started playing with an older gentleman. Kiah got some good shots. Ping Pong in the Park

Mark took this photo of Kiah at the Park. I love it. Even though she is tired from jet-lag and getting up really early, she still looks beautiful. She has a contagious smile and twinkling eyes.Spring in Beijing

Sofi went with her friend Malika shopping at Yashow Market last weekend. They bought these funny mustaches. Such happy and silly girls. I love this photo.The Mustache Girls

Miles loves chocolate. As you can see in this photo. Chocolate ice cream, pop tarts, candies,cakes,brownies,cupcakes. If it’s made of chocolate, he will eat it. If we could not find Chocolate anywhere in China, I think we’d have to have it sent to us. This is Miles in heaven.Chocolate Smirks

3 Responses to Where I live Part 2

  1. Teresa

    Wonderful post, beautiful photos! 🙂 Kiah is just LOVELY! You must be so SO proud of her! And to me, just doesn’t show any jet lag at all….just a beautiful face with an awesome smile! 🙂 Her mama’s daughter! 🙂

  2. Stacey Griffith

    thank you Teresa. I think she is a great combination of both of us.

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