Scene’s around Gong Yuan Da Dao (Park Avenue)

Posted by on April 21, 2011

Kiah and I went to a little Cafe in our apartment complex yesterday and had lunch. I took photo’s but they didn’t work out, too blurry. We did get some shots though around our apartment and I thought I’d share them with you.

IMG_0907We ate at Jamaica-blue, which serves salads, sandwiches, soups, treats and coffee. I’m sad my photo’s of our food didn’t work out because we had yummy sandwiches that looked and tasted delicious.




Organic FarmAfter leaving Jamaica-blue we walked around some other stores in our complex to give you an idea of what there is around us. Though I’ve never been to this Organic Farm store, I do see a lot of people shopping in there. I’m sure it’s pricey but it’s kind of nice that it’s there.



Quick fixNext we head over to April Gourmet, which I love but it’s also pricey. We go there when we are out of something and need it fast, or we want a treat. The staff are so friendly and there are some great finds here. It caters a lot Corny! to Europeans, so there is yummy chocolates, Nutella and a bunch of other stuff I’ve seen in Paris and Germany but would never find in a grocery store in the states. When we are being really bad we go buy the small Hagen Daz Ice cream cups. At the store we also see things with different names, like this box of granola bars “Corny” with 6 X’s chocolate.

Playground 2Last Sunday there was an intense Wind Storm and it was blowing things around like crazy. Poor little new trees were uprooted, dust blowing all over and one of the trampolines in the playground was knocked completely over. There are two trampolines that are pretty sturdy but one Park Avenue playgroundblew right over. Miles and Sofi could not stop talking about it, nor their friends. It was exciting I guess. They still haven’t put it back up yet but they have put sandbags under this one.I love that they are closed in and also that Sofi has somewhere to keep working on her flips. She will get in one by herself and do flips and little (and sometimes bigger kids) will stand outside and “ooh” and “aah” over her flips and ask how she learned how to do that. She shows off a bit and acts all casual like it’s no big deal. She acts like it bugs her that they stare but we all know she loves it. 🙂

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    Thanks for sharing! We are moving to Park Ave this August & I found this to be very useful…

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