Where I live part 1

Posted by on April 16, 2011

This is way up hereThis might be a boring post to some but there are few of you that I know will enjoy the simplicity of it (I hope). I thought I would post photo’s of our apartment and where we live. I know that Mark has done a video of our place but I thought I’d do some random views of our apartment  and views and happenings around us. You can take a stroll with me through Park Avenue (where we live) and also see scene’s from our daily life. Pretend like you are walking around with me and I’m talking your ear off because I miss all of you.

The park at nightThis is Chaoyang park at night. We can see this view from about 6 windows in our apartment. There are always people there flying kites,roller skating and skateboarding,doing Tai Chi in the morning and exercising. It’s a great park.


Typical site Next we have a typical view of what you see on the roads. Big bus with a bike carrying tons of stuff on the back going down a major road. These are most likely recyclable items and it’s a small load compared to most. One day I will post the bikes carrying a mound of garbage to be taken somewhere to be recycled.


Room with a view
This is the view from my bedroom window. The traffic is going non-stop and only dies down in the middle of the night. I’m for sure not in Kansas (aka Seattle) anymore.



A new mom,baby,grandma and me I’ve started working with my Chinese tutor. Her name is Seven and she comes three days a week for two hours each time. I feel like a lot of the time she says a word or couple of words, I repeat what she says (at least I think I do) and then she says “no” and then repeats it again. This goes on for a while and then I finally get it but then an hour later I try to say it again and of course I trash it. This is going to take some time. Oh this is a photo of Seven (on the right), her two month old cutie baby and then Seven’s mom. She comes with and takes care of the baby. Seven is so good to me that she travels and hour each way to come tutor me. I’m very grateful to her and her mom.

Bing is good!This is our favorite dessert right now and I’m sure the hotter it gets we will love it even more. This place we go to serves it with Strawberries but there will be places in the summer that use all kinds of fruits,red beans and chocolate. It’s called Bing and it’s so refreshing. Sofi says it’s healthy because it has milk and fruit.


Miles with Mrs. Kader his teacher This is Miles with his wonderful 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Kader. Miles loves school and loves his teacher. He use to get upset on Sunday night when he asked if he had school the next day and we’d say “yes”. Now he asks “do I have school tomorrow” and when we tell him yes, he just says “oh good”. No whining, there are no “ughs” or complaints. He’s adjusted very well and really enjoys his school.

This is the end of “where I live part 1”. There is much more to follow. There will be more photo’s but of our apartment and the area around us.

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  1. Valerie

    I discovered your blog through a comment mentioned on the BCIS website. It has been very exciting to read about your adventures in Beijing. My family will be moving to Beijing this summer and our kids will most likely also attend BCIS. I can identify with so much of what you have talked about and the rest of it is amazingly helpful information. We know that this will be the best experience we could ever give our kids. I will continue to follow your blog. Keep it coming!

    • mbg

      Hopefully it’s helpful, drop us a line if you have any questions we’d be glad to help.

  2. Teresa

    Love your post, Stacey, and look forward to part II and onward as you continue to have wonderful experiences! Sometimes, what might become sort of mundane to you and the family in Beijing is still very, very interesting to those living elsewhere. I love your writing and look forward to lots more! 🙂
    P.S. Once, a friend asked me what it was like on my bus ride to work every day in Beijing so I took a photo about every 5 minutes along the way of what I would see, etc., which seemed oh so boring to me, but she found it fascinating. 🙂

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