Basketball in the Hood

Posted by on March 3, 2011

The Crew
There are first times for everything.  Today was my first time playing Basketball in China. It was also the first time I’ve played in around 25 years.  Basketball is the most popular sport in China. There are as many people playing basketball in China as there are in the entire United States around 300 million. And Yao Ming is the wealthiest and most popular celebrity in China.

A group of guys from work went to a local gymnasium where we played for an hour for 100 rmb.  Things were pretty much how I remember them : I’m much better at defense than I am at offense. I didn’t feel laggard or out of breath, I guess all that hiking and trail running has paid off.  I made a couple of baskets, but the touch of the ball and the shot was way way off. I had a good time running around the court and look forward to playing next week.

Things to remember for next time : change of socks. You need to bring your own towel (I had to use a second shirt I had brought) and you need to bring your own soap.

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  1. Alyse Griffith

    Oh my goodness how fun!!! I had no idea how much they loved basketball there! How come everything is lime green? Is that the hip color there?

  2. Stacey

    hey, what about the time we played HORSE while Sofi did her math competition? You, me and Kiah played. I think I won? 🙂

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