Best of June and July – 2012

Posted by on August 16, 2012

June and July were busy busy months and I never seem to get around to putting this together until now. We visited Xi’an, celebrated our anniversary, took a 10 day mancation to Yunnan and then winding down and geting ready to leave. This will be a long post. Click through on any photo for more details and information. Photos below after the break.























1. – The Unbroken Soldier
The Unbroken Soldier

2. – Xi’an City Wall and Moat
Xi'an City Wall and Moat

3. – Riding the Wall
Riding the Wall

4. – The Bike Wall Gang
The Bike Wall Gang

5. – The City Wall Door
The City Wall Door

6. – Guardians of the Gate
Guardians of the Gate

7. – China

8. – The Morning Glow
The Morning Glow

9. – The End
The End

10. – The Weight of Forever
The Weight of Forever

11. – The Old Goat
The Old Goat

12. – Granny Naxi
Granny Naxi

13. – The Mekong Big Bend
The Mekong Big Bend

14. – The Pass at 14K
The Pass at 14K

15. – Prayer Flags at 14K
Prayer Flags at 14K

16. – Temple at Feilaisi
Temple at Feilaisi

17. – Meido in Upper Yubeng
Meido in Upper Yubeng

18. – A Days Work
A Days Work

19. – View Valley Down
View Valley Down

20. – Smiling in the Rain
Smiling in the Rain

21. – Can’t see the Forest for the Moss
Can't see the Forest for the Moss

22. – Stone Cold Hiking Machine
Stone Cold Hiking Machine

23. – Through the Woods
Through the Woods

24. – China or Pacific North West?
China or Pacific North West?

25. – The Old man on the Stairs
The Oldman on the Stairs

26. – Smiles in the Rain
Smiles in the Rain

27. – Sidehill

28. – Holy Lake
Holy Lake

29. – Heel Clicking in the Rain
Heel Clicking in the Rain

30. – Through the Moss
Through the Moss

31. – Rounding

32. – The Middle Tower
The Middle Tower

33. – Pause to Admire
Pause to Admire

34. – Framed

35. – Hard Rain
Hard Rain

36. – The Floyds
The Floyds

37. – The City Shone
The City Shone

38. – Saint Peng
Saint Peng

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    Love the pics Mark!

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