2 preteens shopping at Yashow

Posted by on February 18, 2011

Ya Show (Ya Xiu) MarketThe last two days the kids have been off school for teacher improvement. Yesterday Sofi had made plans with her new friend Malika who is from Berlin and has lived here for a year. Malika also lives at Park Avenue(where we will soon be moving to). Unbeknownst to me, they had made plans to go shopping at a Market near Sunlitun (a big shopping area near the embassies), called Yashow. I’ve been to Sunlitun to go shopping but I’ve never been to Yashow and wasn’t sure if it was safe for two young girls to go shopping by themselves or not. After talking with Malika’s dad, I felt much better about it. He went with them (and with Malika’s younger brother, Rohan (!)) and shopped at another area near Yashow, The Village while they shopped by themselves and did a lot of bartering. Since Sofi never went to a mall with her friends in the states by herself, this was new to me. They did great though and she came home with some cute things and got a lot of great deals on them. She bought some boots,a sweater,a scarf,a Paul Frank shirt, a backpack and some glasses for $45 US. I think she probably could’ve gotten it for less but she had a ball bartering and had a great time with her friend. She came home so happy and I can tell she’s really starting to enjoy herself here. I can’t wait to take her and Kiah to the Silk Market. Kiah is going to go crazy.

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  1. Amy

    Wow, that’s so exciting for Sofi to get to go shopping alone. I’m glad she’s getting comfortable and enjoying herself in her new city. Is it deemed “safer” there than here? Is that why you let her go to the mall alone in China and never here in the US?

    I love reading all your stories – we hope to someday move overseas with the kids and it’s nice to hear how you all are faring! 🙂

  2. Stacey

    Sofi is almost 12 and if we were back in the states and she had a cellphone I would let her go to our mall. This is the equivalent to that. I think it’s pretty safe here, I feel safe when I’m out and about or even at night. It’s just like anywhere else you live, there are places you do and don’t go to. Or places you do and don’t let your kids go to. I could see you and Richard with your cutie kids living overseas somewhere.

  3. Kiah

    Yes I am going to go crazy!!

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