Let’s Ride

Posted by on February 15, 2011

It’s a blessing having a driver and translator for the beginning of our stay here. Our translator Robert doesn’t come with us anymore but if we need him to tell our driver(Mr.Wang) something we text him and he lets Mr. Wang know. When we text Robert and ask if he can let Mr. Wang know something he always responds with “Noted” and so does Mr. Wang. It’s funny. We can also text Mr.Wang some information, he can’t speak very much English but he can read it. It’s weird being in the backseat while going from place to place, as I am usually the one driving people around back at home. I sit in the back and look out the window trying to see if anything looks familiar. I’m slowly seeing places that l think I’ve seen before. I may not know the names of the streets but I’m starting to recognize areas and places around our hotel. Unfortunately due to sicknesses I know the route from our hotel to the doctor’s office and back. I’d rather recognize another route instead. One day I will!

It is comforting to know that if the kids miss the bus I can text Mr. Wang and ask him to pick them up. He has a pass that allows him to go into the school and get the kids. Also if we need him at any time, he is always ready. He’s a very nice man, I just wish I could speak Chinese and know more about him. I have no idea if he is married, has kids or grandchildren. He has a sweet smile and I’d guess he is in his 50’s. He is very nice to the kids. Sofi tries to speak some Chinese with him, like saying “ni hao” and “Xie Xie ” to him. Which is “hello” and “thank you”. Today I had to go back to the doctor’s office to have my doctor check my lungs again. It’s been a pain having bronchitis and asthma here. He said I sounded better but I’m still wheezing. It wasn’t very comforting to hear him say that for the first year living here(he suffers from asthma as well) he couldn’t breath very well. Thanks doc! Anyhow, when I got back out the car Mr. Wang said “Let’s ride” and then started laughing and laughing. It was very cute. Then in Chinese he said “Hui Jia” which means “home”. I said in Chinese “dwei, xie xie” which means, right, thank you. I was a bit proud of the three words I said. I’m forever grateful for Amazon paying for a driver and translator and forever grateful to Robert and Mr. Wang. I’d be lost on a street somewhere in this huge, overwhelming city confusing some Chinese person with my very limited(and awful) Chinese asking for directions if it weren’t for their help. How did I survive in Taiwan all those years ago? I think I was much braver.

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  1. mbg

    He’s a funny guy, I agree on not really being able to get to know the man behind the wheel. It makes me sad sometimes. Sometimes though he drives me crazy because he drives so slow…. But at least we get there in one piece.

  2. Teresa Bragg

    I used to say “faster, faster” quite frequently to taxi drivers in Beijing! ha They seemed to drive slower when hauling a westerner! ha And many times the driver would give me a “tsk tsk” and tell me that he must observe the speed limits and even point out the cameras on overpasses on the 4th ring road! ha Then there were the few times that drivers took my words to heart and went speeding through the streets while I hung on for dear life! ha ha Ahhhhh…..adventures! I love it!

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