Going Home

Posted by on August 21, 2011

Logan Utah
We just returned home to Beijing from 5 weeks home in the States. To describe the experience as a bit surreal would be appropriate I suppose. Upon our return to the States it felt as if we’d never been gone and yet that we hadnt quite returned either. Living out of a suitcase for weeks on end takes a toll on you after a while. Each place we went we savored and the time was sweet tinged with a little bitter.

Things I enjoyed :

  • the clean air :  that dry mountain air in Utah with a slight hint of sage and the oxygen rich air of the PNW with a hint of rain
  • American movie theaters with previews and salty popcorn
  •  mexican food : ahh Chipotle how I had missed you
  • steak : nothing tastes like a thick cut of American beef (Thanks Mike)
  • the rhythm of a conversation in English over a good lunch
  • the mountains : Miles and I’s backpacking trip to High Creek Lake, my hike to Alta mountain up Snoqualmie Pass and my climbing of The Grand Teton.

As we fly over China into Beijing I realize we are again in a foreign land with a rich and diverse culture and history. I feel that same zing of excitement when you travel, even though we are coming home. We are lucky to be here I realize that and I look forward to savoring our time here together as a family.

Driving back through the streets from the airport to our apartment it feels like we’ve never left Beijing.  Things don’t look foreign or strange, they are familiar.  Home truly is where you live and we find it on both sides of the world.

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  1. Stacey griffith

    My thoughts exactly Mark. It’s interesting how going back to visit an area that we’ve lived in for the past 7 yrs is our home and still felt like home and then returning to Beijing where we’ve lived for just 6 months feels like home as well. Minus family and our friends back home. It’s good to be back to our home away from home!

  2. Luqi

    So beautiful.

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