Hello Friend, can I have my photo taken with you?

Posted by on July 13, 2011

Today we went to The Temple of Heaven. I love that place but not on a scorching hot day. Luckily the whole area is covered in trees(except for all the landmark areas which are out in the open and in the hottest areas) and when I say covered in trees, it’s row after row of trees. If you aren’t familiar with the Temple of Heaven you should either go there or look it up online. It’s beautiful. While there we(or I should say the kids) were approached over and over again to have their photos and their kids photo taken with Miles and Sofia. Unfortunately today Miles would not let anyone take a photo with him or of him. Kiah and I joked that no one wants their photo taken with us but then we know that Miles and Sofia are the super cute ones.

Sofia was approached right when we walked into the Park and then again later about 10 times. Sometimes people would take a photo of her while she was posing for another photo with someone else. It’s kind of comical really. I can hear them say things to her in Mandarin like “can we take a photo with you my friend”? Or they also ask if the “didi” which is little brother will join them but then Miles runs and hides. Because of having thousands of photos taken by Mark, Sofia has the smile down. It’s very cute. She stands amidst all these Chinese people or little kids, puts on her best smile and then when she’s done she looks at Kiah and I, shrugs her shoulders and then moves on. The Chinese mean well, it’s just fascination but I wonder how it really makes Sofia feel. Miles obliged when we first got here but doesn’t want to do it anymore and Sofia will never really tell me if it bothers her or not. She’s a good sport about it but an even better sport about it when they talk about her hair and touch it or her skin. It’s all very innocent and just curiosity. People are never rude, if they were I would never let it happen. I think after living here for 3 yrs she could have a nice little stash of money if she charged per photo. Ha ha.

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  1. Mike F

    Glad Sofia is getting used to it. 🙂 As you guys know, it never stops. I was just in China for a two week vacation, and while I’m clearly not as popular as Sofia, pretty much every day someone would ask to take a picture with me. It’s probably because I’m 2 meters tall. (and yes, everywhere I went I heard “这么高!” or “太高了!” and stuff… I know stating the obvious is a Chinese thing, but I was thinking of getting a shirt with “很高” on it to make it a joke)

    But honestly it feels a little dirty, like I’m accepting an award for something I didn’t actually do. In time I think I would grow wary of it and start to lecture people on how they shouldn’t pay so much attention to the way people look. (well, assuming my Chinese got good enough)

  2. Stacey Griffith

    Sofia and Miles are African American, so I know there is a fascination with that and usually Sofia’s hair is done in cornrows or extensions so that is another fascination. She is usually a good sport about it but I’m sure by next year it might get old.

  3. Teresa

    Stacey! GREAT posts! Mark’s posts about adventures and traveling are wonderful and your posts about more close to home experiences and feelings about your time in Beijing are fantastic! You both write so well and complement each other very well to create a wonderful blog about your time in China! It’s a joy to read. 🙂 T.

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