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Settling, Settling, Settling

Well we have finally moved into our permanent home in Beijing.  Its been a busy couple of weeks but we are finally feeling like we are settling in. Pee in a Bucket Last Saturday I went shopping for the last “big” purchase for the house. I was sick and tired of shopping at Ikea and … Continue reading »

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Basketball in the Hood

There are first times for everything.  Today was my first time playing Basketball in China. It was also the first time I’ve played in around 25 years.  Basketball is the most popular sport in China. There are as many people playing basketball in China as there are in the entire United States around 300 million. … Continue reading »

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Ravioli’s,Mountains and Shaq

You’d think these three things would have nothing in common but they do. The other day the kids came home from school starving(which they seem to do everyday) and I was hungry myself. We ran over to the little grocery store that is in our apartment complex, April Gourmet. We try and not go there … Continue reading »

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