The Familiar

Many folks back in the states seem to react in shock at times about our decision to move to China. I still meet people here (at work) who are visiting from the States : “Hey what are you doing here? (Cause they expect to see me in Seattle not Beijing) “I live here.” “You do?” … Continue reading »

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Sofi blossoms

The person I was most worried about with moving to Beijing was Sofia. She was in the middle year of 6th grade, in middle school. Never an easy time in anyone’s life. There are cliques, teasing and worrying about who is more popular etc…. For whatever reason Sofi back in the states wasn’t putting herself … Continue reading »

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The Last Logistical Bits

The last logistical bit of relocation bureaucracy is complete, our air shipments were delivered today at our apartment in Beijing. I’ll review a few details and things that I understand better now. Here is a tour of our Apartment Beijing Apartment Tour from mbgriffi on Vimeo. I wrote the about the process of getting permits … Continue reading »

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Shopping Hell

Relocating yourself halfway around the world with a limited amount of space to bring your lives along and attempting to settle into an unfurnished furnished apartment means that you need to buy a crap load of stuff. As we left Issaquah, divesting ourselves of all our worldly possessions (car, house, etc) and packed away the … Continue reading »

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Relocating – The First Few Days – Part 1

Departure Day – Saturday Since I have jet lag and I am up at 4 am I thought I’d jot down a few notes on the transition and how things have gone since we arrived.  We were originally supposed to leave San Francisco (after Disneyland) on Friday, but Stac and Miles both had a bad … Continue reading »

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Relocating to Beijing

This entry is an attempt to write up what its like to relocate to Beijing, at least the getting ready to go part.  The usual caveats apply : if your using this as a baseline for your own experiences, remember this is my experience at a particular given point in time; everything is subject to … Continue reading »

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