Reflections on BCIS

March is the season of Student Led Conferences at Beijing City International School. A year ago we attended our first, after we’d only been in Beijing a couple of months. We spent an hour each with both Miles and Sofi reviewing the school work they had done over the last year. Sofi was first, we … Continue reading »

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Turning a corner, 6 months later

I just had my usual “loud” conversation with my mom on the phone this morning. I say loud because the connection is lousy in our apartment and because she is losing her hearing, two bad combinations make for a very long and comical conversation. I shouldn’t complain though because I really do value the time … Continue reading »

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BCIS – Spring in the City

BCIS held their 6th annual Spring in the City event this past weekend.  A celebratory festival with food and games that raised funds for the Library Project.  Great food and great weather (if a tad windy). I took a few photos while chasing the kids around the venue.

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Kung Fu EA (extra activities)

At BCIS they offer a wide range of classes after school for all ages to choose from. They have art classes,dance,magic,kung fu, acrobatics and many more that the kids can take. There is also an activity bus that will take kids home after their EA (extra activities) class. EA was one thing our kids were … Continue reading »

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Experience China Week

Last week the 1st graders at BCIS had ECW, “Experience China week”. Each day they toured different sites in Beijing. They learned things about Chinese culture, they ate yummy food and even went on a rickshaw ride. Besides it being a week to explore the city, it was also a week to teach some independence … Continue reading »

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Carnival of the Animals

The elementary school at Beijing City International School (BCIS) had a show on Friday called the Carnival of the Animals. Each grade dressed in costume as different animals and preformed a song or a dance.  The costumes were very elaborate and I am sure were all hand sewn somewhere here in Beijing.  There was everything … Continue reading »

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Student Led

I’ve had the opportunity over the past several weeks to spend several visits at the kids school, Beijing City International School.  I had the chance to meet twice with an education consultant, John Littleford,  the school had hired to do an assessment.  He conducted a series of interviews I’ve already written about.  I also had … Continue reading »

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