Michelle Obama and Doris Day

I’ve always hated my freckles, which come out like crazy in the summer. I would put way too much foundation on my face as a teenager to cover them up. My parents would tell me all the time how beautiful they are. My mom would tell me about how when they filmed Doris Day (which … Continue reading »

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Hello Friend, can I have my photo taken with you?

Today we went to The Temple of Heaven. I love that place but not on a scorching hot day. Luckily the whole area is covered in trees(except for all the landmark areas which are out in the open and in the hottest areas) and when I say covered in trees, it’s row after row of … Continue reading »

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Sofi blossoms

The person I was most worried about with moving to Beijing was Sofia. She was in the middle year of 6th grade, in middle school. Never an easy time in anyone’s life. There are cliques, teasing and worrying about who is more popular etc…. For whatever reason Sofi back in the states wasn’t putting herself … Continue reading »

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