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A Chinese Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was further experience in the surreal given the differences in timezone and holiday practices.  In China, as you’d expect, Thanksgiving is just any other working day. So Thanksgiving can’t be celebrated on its usual Thursday, this shifts everything your used to experiencing.  The concept of syncrhony : simultaneous occurrence is a modern notion that … Continue reading »

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A Birthday Hike

Every year I like to take the morning off and hike up to the summit of Mailbox Peak. This year in China that wouldn’t be possible so I opted to take the entire day and go for a solo backpacking trip and hike to the Great Wall. This is my story. There is something surreal … Continue reading »

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The small picture vs. the big picture

People are always saying you should step back and look at the big picture, there are quotes on it, websites that list the 5 best ways to look at the big picture and so forth. Here in China, I’ve learned that I can’t look at the big picture but I have to step back and … Continue reading »

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The 9 Eyed Tower

The Bushwhacking Fallacy : Every foot forward into a bushwhack compels you to continue. Every foot forward is gained through pain and would require retraversing the same ground again in pain. You are not excited going forward and going back seems even less desirable, so you push on in hope that it will end soon … Continue reading »

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Going Home

We just returned home to Beijing from 5 weeks home in the States. To describe the experience as a bit surreal would be appropriate I suppose. Upon our return to the States it felt as if we’d never been gone and yet that we hadnt quite returned either. Living out of a suitcase for weeks … Continue reading »

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6 Months In

At 6 months in China and upon our return to the US for vacation there is a natural juxtaposition to pause and reflect on our time thus far in Beijing and my impressions. When we left for China I got several comments from people along the lines of : “I’m afraid of China”; this was … Continue reading »

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Hello Friend, can I have my photo taken with you?

Today we went to The Temple of Heaven. I love that place but not on a scorching hot day. Luckily the whole area is covered in trees(except for all the landmark areas which are out in the open and in the hottest areas) and when I say covered in trees, it’s row after row of … Continue reading »

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Kiah has been in Beijing with us for almost 4 months and when she returns to the states with us this month she will be going back to school and not returning to China with us. Lucky for us BYU-I only allows the students to go to two semesters and the University chooses. Some kids … Continue reading »

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Turning a corner, 6 months later

I just had my usual “loud” conversation with my mom on the phone this morning. I say loud because the connection is lousy in our apartment and because she is losing her hearing, two bad combinations make for a very long and comical conversation. I shouldn’t complain though because I really do value the time … Continue reading »

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Jiankou Great Wall Dawn Patrol

After the BBQ I dropped the family off at Park Avenue and I jumped on to the 4th Ring Road heading north. From there to the G45 DaGuang expressway heading for the village of XiZhaZi. Traffic was light and it was odd to be driving down the road in China. It was only my second … Continue reading »

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